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When I was a youngster I was just about perfect.  But once in a great while my imagination got me into a little bit of trouble.  One of my adventures found me dumping my dear Aunt Mary’s shampoo down a hole in the floor.  But I had good reason. I had looked down the hole and had seen the shiny eyes of the GorillaCats and that perfume was going to kill them.  Now that happened years ago but it is a well remembered story in my family.  I just had to register the domain name “GorillaCats”.  I wasn’t sure what to do with the site but since the GorillaCats had done some undesirable things in the past, I decided to try and put this site to some good use.  Take a look at the different information provided on this health and beauty site.  Hopefully you can find something useful for yourself. And don’t forget to post in the forum. Maybe ask a question or answer somebody’s question or post your own “GorillaCats story”.  Now you might want to post because if you don’t, the GorillaCats may just come and pay you a visit and we wouldn’t want that, now would we?





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